How to Get More Practical Experience by Joining Digital Marketing Groups

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Many people want to learn how to do digital marketing. But in many cases, beginners are spending countless hours on Youtube or in online courses about digital marketing without making any significant progress. The problem here is not the lack of knowledge but the lack of practice. All skills need some hours of practice before you can start to master them. And this is where the magic of digital marketing groups comes into play.
While it can be daunting to start a digital marketing project all by yourself, starting practical projects with a group makes easier to follow through and to learn fast in a short amount of time. Of course some general benefits of group work have been known for a while, but here are some benefits more specifically related to learning and practicing digital marketing together in a group.

Groups Make it Easier to Tackle Many Disciplines

SEO, SEA, Social, Influencers, CRM, Newsletters, Content, Display, Video, … The list of digital marketing disciplines is massive. While it’s almost inevitable to focus on one or two disciplines, it’s very useful to know at least the basics in many others.
A group can help you to get in contact with people that have specialized in different digital marketing disciplines. You can teach them and they can teach you and together you have a comprehensive set of skills that allows you to tackle bigger projects.

In Digital Marketing Groups You can Share the Workload

Many projects in digital marketing can be very work intensive. Posting daily on social media, writing regular blogposts or trying to put together a website with several sub-pages can take a lot of time. If you’re working alone then you have quite some work to do. In a group you can distribute the workload on many shoulders which makes starting new projects much easier.

online marketing group at work

Digital Marketing Groups Make You More Confident

Trying out new things can be daunting sometimes. Are you doing things the right way? What if it’s wrong? If you have never done a Google Ads campaign before you’re probably glad to have someone with whom you can discuss questions and talk about the next steps. Making decisions together can help beginners to feel less scared about taking some action.

Some Ideas for Digital Marketing Group Projects

Here are some ideas how you could practice your digital marketing skills in a group:

  • Create a Website
    Together with your digital marketing group you could create a whole website. You decide the topic, choose the design, create all the pages with texts, images and graphics. Once your website is ready, you can use it for SEO or as the base for ads, social or email campaigns. You can have many goals with your website. Wanna create a successful blog? Or maybe even create a small shop to sell something? The possibilities are endless.
  • Manage Social Media Accounts
    You can also use your digital marketing group to practice your social media skills. Just set up a Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or LinkedIn account, decide on a content strategy and start gaining followers. You create posts, connect with other users and search which hashtags work best. If you want you can also promote your accounts with ads in most networks. You can set yourself a goal of reaching for example 1000 followers in one month.
  • Run Ads
    If you have a budget for ads or if you find someone who will let you run his ads for free then you can start to write ads with your digital marketing group. You can see which ones are most successful, which keywords work the best, which negative keywords are necessary and how you find new keywords in an efficient way.
  • And so Much More
    Email campaigns, Youtube channels, marketing automation, e-commerce, influencer marketing… There are so many projects that you can do in a group. So let’s not waste any time: Log into Vennquest and start your next group now.

Each Member Brings a Unique Perspective to the Table

Even if the members of your digital marketing group are not specialized in different disciplines they can still see things in a different way than you do. It’s always fascinating how people can solve the same task in a totally different way. And because in digital marketing you’re usually talking to lots of people it’s also good to have a multitude of different viewpoints when executing your marketing strategy. Last but not least digital marketing is a lot about trying out many different things. Together in a group it’s way easier to come up with many different ways to talk to your customers and finally find the most successful one.

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You Can Pool Resources

Besides from your knowledge, personality and time you can also pool your financial resources. For some it might be too much to spend 10-20 bucks per month for website hosting or 60 bucks for ads. With a group of five the price of hosting shrinks to 2-4 and ads suddenly only cost 12 bucks. Of course people can also contribute with things that they’ve built themselves. Maybe a group member already has a Facebook account with a few followers to start with or someone has already a basic website ready that the group can use.

How Vennquest Can Help You to Find and Manage Your Group

We created Vennquest to make it easy to start or find groups for practical projects in many different areas. If you’re curious to see how much easier it is to practice skills together in groups then why don’t you sign up and join a group that interests you. We will immediately be in contact with you and help you to find some group members and to get the whole thing started. Join our beta test phase now and finally get the practice that you need to do the things you always wanted to do.

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