Portfolio Investing

Join this group to create a portfolio that fits your needs

Create your own investment strategy

Buy equity products and manage your portfolio

Start investing with confidence

Exchange with peers in a small group and hold each other accountable

6 milestones

Online Meetings: Once a week

Preparation time: 1-2 hours per week

What do I get from joining this group?

Get started quickly

Understand the basics of equity investing and focus on practical aspects to create and execute a sound investment strategy.

Find your investing style

Create your investor profile and define your investment goals.


Chose a suitable broker, understand key parameters of trading orders and execute trades.

Pick the right investments

You will learn to evaluate and select equity products using simple key metrics.

Stay focused

Manage your investments actively by holding yourself accountable with other group members. That way, you will achieve better results.

Measure your performance

By doing research and exchanging best practices with your group, you will understand how to evaluate your portfolio and how to readjust your strategy.

What will I do in this group?

In groups it’s often hard to decide what to do in the beginning. That’s why our expert has already set up a few goals, so your group can get started right away. Of course you are free to change or add new goals. It’s your practice group after all!

Milestones for the Group

1. Your Investment Profile

2. Set Investment Goal

3. Craft your Investment Strategy

4. Select Securities

5. Create your Portfolio

6. Manage your Portfolio

Is it really for me?

Do I really need a practice group? Maybe it’s enough if I just do an online course.

Online courses is a good start but when you need an extra push to really get something done, being part of a group with other people who want to achieve the same thing as you can be very beneficial. Here are 3 reasons you should join this group:

  • You want to invest but you feel a bit overwhelmed and you are unsure about how to get started.
  • You genuinely enjoy exchanging ideas with others
  • You started investing but never really got to drive things the way you wanted.
Does it mean that I have to commit myself to a fixed time every week?

To make it short, yes, commitment is required. If you know a way to be good at something without commitment, please let us know. The time and the frequency of video calls and goals will depend on what you agree with your group. Regular calls are necessary to create a good dynamic with your group and really benefit from the mutual exchange.

Isn’t it boring to meet online?

We are already deep in the 21st century. It’s time to get comfortable with online presentations and meetings. Remote work certainly increased the importance of being capable to make your point clear during an online meeting. Video calls is also a great way to meet like-minded people and see things from a different perspective.

Who is the group expert?

Johann has extensive professional experience in private equity and M&A as well as more than 10 years of experience investing in various asset classes. He is also a chartered alternative investment analyst (CAIA).

Any questions left? Or do you need help with something? Contact us here.

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