Investing Basecamp

Interactive Workshop to Invest successfully

Join our hands-on workshop to start investing right away with clear goals. Benefit from direct interaction with a coach and other group members, enjoy the best learning experience and find the right investment opportunities.

It was a great and intense workshop. I recommend it to anyone who wants to start investing and doesn’t want to waste hours on theory without practice

– Simon from London

“I had no prior knowledge about investing but after this workshop I feel confident that I can invest”

– Eric from Oslo

The interaction with the coach and other group members was truly engaging. We had a lot practical tasks that helped understanding how to invest

– Renato from Berlin

What you will do in the workshop

Set your investment goals and strategy

Find and select the best investments

Execute buy and sell orders

Manage your Investments to improve returns

About the coach

Johann has extensive professional experience in private equity investing, M&A as well as more than 15 years experience investing in various asset classes. He is a chartered alternative investment analyst (CAIA)

Workshop content

3 Live Video Sessions of 3h on Saturdays from 1pm

Session 1: Key concepts and investing goals
Theory Block – General Investing concepts (1h):
  • The universe of investing and asset classes
  • Key concepts to start investing
  • How to invest with clear goals
Practice Block – Investor profile and investment goals (2h):
  • Evaluate your risk profile
  • Define your investment goals
  • Discuss results with other group members
Session 2: How to Pick the right investments
Theory Block – Security selection (1h):
  • Introduction to key value metrics
  • How to pick good stocks (example with value and growth stock)
  • How to pick a good ETF (example with Blockchain ETFs)
Practice Block – Security selection (2h):
  • Practice screening securities that match your investment goals
  • Pick a security and prepare a short pitch
  • Discussion and vote on which securities to add to our virtual portfolio
Session 3: Manage your investments
Theory Block – Manage your investments (1h):
  • How to execute trades
  • How to evaluate the performance of your investments
  • Active and passive investment strategies
Practice Block – Manage your investments(2h):
  • Trading Simulation
  • Practice using evaluation tools
  • Discuss trades and use of tools
Join our Investment Pitching group

After completing this workshop, we strongly recommend you to join our Investment Pitching group to continue exchanging about interesting investment opportunities with other people.

Is it really for me?

Do I really need a practice group? Maybe it’s enough if I just do an online course.

Real practice is what you need, in particular if:

  • You feel a lack of motivation to study by yourself and to hold yourself accountable
  • You enjoy interaction with other people and understand this will improve your learning experience
  • You are looking for more than just a passive course, a place where you can really experience something new
Does it mean that I have to commit myself to a fixed time every week?

To make it short, yes, commitment is required. If you know a way to be good at something without commitment, please let us know. To be as efficient as possible without putting to many constraints, we run this on 3 non-consecutive Saturdays

Isn’t it boring to meet online?

We are already deep in the 21st century. It’s time to get comfortable with online presentations and meetings. Remote work certainly increased the importance of being capable to make your point clear during an online meeting. Video calls is also a great way to meet like-minded people and see things from a different perspective.