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Pitching Session

During the next session, all members of the group should prepare a short pitch on a selected investment opportunity (2-5 min) . The investment opportunity can be any investable and liquid asset (stock, ETF, bond, mutual fund, REIT, commodity future etc. )

Preparation for the meeting

  • Find an investment opportunity that you would buy or sell based on current market conditions
  • Develop your argument to support your opinion (register on our platform the access our evaluation table and other resources)
  • Present live during the sessions and discuss other pitches

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    Practice Length:
    Approx. 1 hour

    Online Event (you will receive the Zoom link to the meeting after registering)

    Example Pitch – Blockchain ETF

    Explanations and Resources

    About video calling software

    Generally we’re using Zoom for our group video calls. We will send the link to the next group meeting to all group members and people interested in joining the group that have registered for the event.