Public Speaking Group

Practical experience in public speaking

Practice: You will hold several presentations

Small group that motivates and keeps you engaged

Get valuable feedback for your speeches.

Improve in a welcoming community

100% free

Online Meetings: Once a week

Preparation Time: 1-2 hours / week


➤ Our next Public Speaking Online Practice

Preparation of short speech

During the next Public Speaking Practice group event, all members of the group prepare a short speech on a selected topic (2-3 min) . We will also discuss and analyze a famous speech.

Preparation for the meeting

  • What needs to be done: Prepare your speech and be ready to provide feedback. Watch the speech posted on the group page (you need to register on Vennquest to access the content of the group).
  • Who has to do it: Everyone in the group.
  • How long does it take: ~ 1h

Want to join this meeting?
Please register here (limited spaces):

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Date And Time
2022-01-04 @ 18:30 (UTC +0 London)

Practice Length:
Approx. 1 hour

Online Event (you will receive the Zoom link to the meeting after registering)

What do I get from joining this group?

Lots of Experience

Prepare and hold at least 6 speeches in front of other group members. This is the best way to really improve your skills.

Constructive Feedback

Your peers will help you to improve by telling you what went well and how to improve.

Effective Techniques

In this group we will look at different rhetorical devices that will help you to make your arguments more compelling.

Realistic Presentation Settings

You will practice using presentation material. This will help to make a lasting impression.

More routine

You will not be caught off guard next time you have to make an impromptu speech.

A Clear Plan

By doing research and exchanging best practices with your group, you will develop a system to prepare speeches.

What will I do in this group?

In groups it’s often hard to decide what to do in the beginning. That’s why we’ve already set up a few topics so your group can get started right away. Of course you are free to change or add new topics. It’s your practice group after all!


1. How to structure your speech

2. Rhetorical techniques

3. Nonverbal communication

4. Presentation Material

5. Impromptu Speaking

Is it really for me?

Do I really need a practice group? Maybe it’s enough if I just do an online course.

No-one is born a genius speaker. Of course some people have it easier than others to present in front of crowds, but similar to athletes, only practice can really turn you into a good speaker. If you are seriously motivated to achieve the 2.0 version of yourself in public speaking, you know that taking online courses alone is not going to work. Real practice is what you need, in particular if:

  • You feel anxious when you have to hold a presentation in front of your team or when you are asked to make a short introduction
  • You find it sometimes hard to present your ideas and defend your argument
  • When you are suddenly asked to make a presentation or explain something, you get sweaty palms and struggle to make your point.
Does it mean that I have to commit myself to a fixed time every week?

To make it short, yes, commitment is required. If you know a way to be good at something without commitment, please let us know. The time and the frequency of video calls and goals will depend on what you agree with your group. Regular calls are necessary to create a good dynamic with your group and really benefit from the mutual exchange.

Isn’t it boring to meet online?

We are already deep in the 21st century. It’s time to get comfortable with online presentations and meetings. Remote work certainly increased the importance of being capable to make your point clear during an online meeting. Video calls is also a great way to meet like-minded people and see things from a different perspective.

Any questions left? Or do you need help with something? Contact us here.

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