Public Speaking Practice Group – Recommendations to provide valuable feedback

During our weekly Public Speaking practice, everyone should not only practice to make a speech or presentation but also provide valuable feedback to other speakers. In order to get most out the practice, everyone should familiarize her-/himself with basic feedback best practices. We summarized key points below.

General Recommendations when providing feedback:

  • Think about what the objective of the speech / presentation is
  • Provide constructive feedback => if something didn’t work or didn’t convince you, provide an example of to improve
  • Don’t make general critics, be specific in your feedback
  • Express a fair opinion: There is no absolute rule on how to make a speech or presentation
  • Consider the experience level of the speaker (ex. native English speaker or intermediate level, long experience doing speeches or student)

A little help to evaluate a speech / presentation:


Did it capture attention & interest?
Was the topic introduced clearly?
Was the topic related to the audience?
Did the speaker have topic-credibility?
Was the body of the speech previewed?


Were the main points clear?
Were the main points supported?
Were the main points logically presented?
Were the transitions between main points clear & effective?


Was the transition to the end of the speech signaled?
Was there a summary of principal points?
Was there an effective close and/or call to action?


Was the language used appropriate for the topic & the audience
Was the language varied?
Was the speaking rate flexible & effective?
Was the speaking volume appropriate & varied?
Was there fluency, an absence of fillers like ‘ahs’ & ‘ums’?
Was vocal variety used, changes in pitch & tone, & good use of pausing?


Was there good use of eye contact?
Was the body language (posture & gesture) controlled & effective?
Was vocal variety used, changes in pitch & tone, & good use of pausing?
Did the speaker show enthusiasm for the topic?
Were there visual aids & were they appropriate & integrated into the speech?
Did the speech finish with poise?

Overall Evaluation

Did the speaker achieve the assignment’s purpose?
Was the topic researched?
Did the topic adapt well to the audience?
Were the audience interested?
Was the speech completed within the time limit?